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Indeterminate, late, Regular leaf. A 6-12 oz blemish and crack resistant pink tomato, with well above average taste definitely worth growing.

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5 product stars
top tasting tomatoe - charley - 03/29/2014
i grow between 60 and 70 diferent heirloom tomatoes a year looking for the best of the best for tast alone.this tomatoe is hands down the best of the best for my tast it is sweet tasting in the core and acidic in the juice.together its unbeatable.and production was not bad eather.its not going to produce like celebrity or other hybrs but they tast like card bord anyway.but for heirlooms not bad for production

5 product stars
Goose Creek - Sandra - 02/27/2014
One of the best in my garden--the flavor is outstanding! I wasn't expecting such a wonderful taste, magnificent and lively, works all your taste buds with incredible flavor. I will plant these every year, Goose Creek is on my 'must-have' list.

4 product stars
Amazingly Beautiful and Tasty - Jeanne - 10/13/2012
Was lucky enough to obtain seeds and tried these this year In Northern Illinois, near the Wisconsin border. This year was a rough year though. In May we had 40 mph winds regularly, which made hardening off and transplanting safely a trick. I finally got two transplanted to the garden successfully. They were slow in terms of production getting started. However, to be fair, we had long record breaking strings of 100F heat through June and July. This gave way to drought. I watered though. My plants had no diseases or problems. However, the heat certainly inhibited pollination, and it was August before I even started getting anything. Fruits were minimal at first, typically tennis ball sized, a beautiful pink-red, similar to Rose tomatoes, but the shade was slightly different. Taste was amazing too. They had an almost creamy texture, brilliant flavor, and were one of my favorites. By September, when the weather cooled down, production picked up hugely, however, a pair of tobacco horn worms did some damage to the tomatoes, a rabbit also ate half of one, and then my English Mastiff finished a few more off. When the frost came, I covered them, and they did fine, except for the one branch that became exposed due to the winds. When I finally cleaned up the plot this week, I was amazed at the incredible root system these tomatoes had developed. It was much more fine and extensive than many of the other varieties I planted. In any event, I will definitely grow these again. They did well

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